Transsexualism: A shift in the gender identities of men Part III


Transsexuals are a group of transgenderists. Transsexuals are those who have changed their biological sex. People who show transgendered behavior want to find a way of living in one gender as 'man' or 'woman'. To attain this goal they will change their biological sex through surgery. They are sometimes called as 'she males'. However it is very important to note that transsexuals are never eunuchs. If the transgendered person does not want to change the biological sex, they will be labeled either as homosexuals or as sexual fetshists. This group of homosexual will retain their biological sexual identity, but will share the identity of the opposite sex in sexual orientation.

The transsexuals who are asexual do not associate sexual behavior with transvestism. At many instances the transsexuals have to assert that they are not mere transvestites. In order to get access to medical treatment transsexuals have to discriminate the transvestite behavior. Therefore people who see themselves as transsexuals strongly single out anything they see as transvestism, even more strongly than public in general.

Transsexual orientation seems to change since their psyche has been taken up by the transgender identity. Transsexuals will have one gender identity, which they have selected through the change of their biological sex. But they will have two gender roles since they oscillate between the male and female minds and may be of an androgynous sort.

Transsexuals who appear to be in the male gender may be homosexuals. They are the Sissy boys and will have a transgendered identity. Their sexual orientation will be mainly towards men. Among the transsexuals who start out as transvestites, their transvestism will be strongly associated with the upcoming sexuality. When these transvestites become transsexuals they develop a female gender identity. Among these transsexuals, the transgender identity develops only at a later stage in their life. Their gender identities are quite split. Among them in the beginning they will have the sexual orientation both to men and women. Only at a later stage they will develop a sole interest in man.

The transsexuals undergo through many doubts that will threaten their identity, while changing the biological sex. But, studies have proved that majority of the transsexuals accept their new sexual identity as their gender identity. They are contend with their new gender identity and cured of the transgenderist behavior as the time goes on.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 19, 2006, 11:50 [IST]

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