Things You Need To Know Before Going Down On Her

Sometimes, a blow job works better than penetration. Yes, many couples admit it. Some men and women experience orgasm only when a tongue touches the privates.

Every man dreams of a woman who can lick his balls well. In the same way, even women want to men to learn the basics of licking the right places.

If you are planning to go down on her, there are some things to remember.

Things To Know Before Before Licking Her

Things You Need To Know Before Going Down On Her

Use Your Tongue Wisely
Women love it when a man uses his tongue efficiently. Licking her down there or moving your tongue inside her is not the end of the story. Locate her clitoris! Unless your tongue tastes it, she may not know how good you are. Just above the vagina lies the clitoris which has thousands of nerve endings. A very sensitive area! Lick it carefully to see her in ecstasy.

Notice her reactions. If she moans or grips the bed sheet tightly, maybe you did something right. If she doesn't show any reaction, you might have failed in locating her clitoris.

Things To Know Before Before Licking Her2

A great way to make her scream is doing two things at a time. Your finger inside the vagina and your tongue right on her clitoris. When done in the right way, she may even experience orgasm instantly!

Inner Thighs Need Some Attention
Kiss, lick or bite (gently) her inner thighs. The area or skin close to her vagina tends to be very sensitive. Move your tongue over those areas to make her go wild.

Things To Know Before Before Licking Her3

Enjoy The Process
When you are down there, tasting her vagina, enjoy the process. Or at least, act like you are enjoying. When she gets a feeling that you are really intoxicated licking the wetness down there, she feels good. It turns her on faster.

Things To Know Before Before Licking Her4

Using your tongue doesn't mean simply licking her like a puppy. Experiment. While licking her, try to fold your tongue or change the angle or flip it or make it stiff or try to move it in circles. Try something new. Until she seems happy with your job, experiment a lot with your tongue-action.

Things To Know Before Before Licking Her5

Listen To Her Feedback
Nobody is perfect. So, if she tries to tell you something either during the act or afterwards, listen carefully without defending yourself. You will become a better lover if you implement her feedback.

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Story first published: Monday, April 10, 2017, 19:35 [IST]

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