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Why Condoms May Not Always Serve Your Purpose
There are two reasons why we use condoms. The first purpose is to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The second purpose is to prevent the spread of diseases. A condom surely does a good job in serving the above two purpose. But ...
The Problem With Condoms
How To Have Phone Sex
How To Have Phone Sex
If you are in a long distance relationship or if your partner has recently moved to a different city then phone sex is the only option until both of you meet again. Though there isn't physical touch involved, phone sex with ...
Why You Should Never Try Threesome With Friends!!
Some man secretly desire to sleep with a best female friend. And if two such female friends agree to sleep with him, why would he say no? But wait! Stop! The whole problem starts there itself! If you sleep with your ...
Why You Should Never Try A Threesome With Friends
What Is Situational Sex
Now, Let's Talk About Situational Sex!!
There are so many meanings for situational sex. But let us talk about a totally different meaning. Actually, situational sex behavior means showing your weirdest sexual side only in some situations and hiding that side of your personality in other situations ...
How Healthy Is Your Sex Drive?
You come home tired. All you want to do is fall asleep. But your wife quickly jumps on to you and starts kissing you all over. But the fire inside you doesn't get ignited. She even tries to remove your pants ...
How Healthy Is Your Sex Drive
Does She Cry After Sex?
Imagine this situation. When your partner comes and hugs, you kiss her lips. She gets into the mood and quickly gets naked and jumps into the bed with you. Your hardness gets inside her and you keep pushing inside hoping ...
Did She Cry After Sex
What Men Do To Masturbate! (Women, Please Don’t Read This!)
In a recent survey, psychologists interviewed a few men who were randomly picked from various age groups and various social conditions. The only question that was put before them was: what do you do before masturbation? Generally, men imagine or visualise ...
What Men Do To Masturbate
What Irritates Women In Bed
What Irritates Her In Bed
There are many complaints from women about male bed behaviour! Yes, some women can openly discuss about such things whereas some don't. So, it is better to know what irritates women in general so that you don't do such things with ...
6 Sex Myths And Facts!
As sex is still a topic that isn't widely discussed openly even among adults, many myths still circulate in the guise of truths. Myths are harmless but if they are interfering with your urge to experience better sex life, it is ...
Six Sex Myths And Facts
How To Lick Her Vagina
How To Lick Her Vagina
It sounds very easy but no, it isn't! Licking the vagina is known as cunnilingus. It is a bit tricky especially for the first time and that too, in a dark room. Added to that, if she has pubic hair, your ...
How Excessive Masturbation Affects Vaginal Sex
Masturbation is the easiest way to satisfy your urge. But too much of anything is bad. And this applies to men who really care to prolong their sexual pleasures for too long. Of course, masturbation isn't harmful. But in some men, ...
How Over Masturbation Affects Vaginal Sex
Weird Reasons Behind Sex Dreams
Weird Reasons Behind Sex Dreams!
Don't feel guilty if you get sex dreams. In fact, such dreams are a lot better than dreams filled with ghosts and Dracula trying to eat you up! Also, sex dreams don't generally have a direct connection with real life though ...

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