Ways To Enjoy Better n Longer Orgasm

Women always love foreplay. The main reason is not just romance. Foreplay makes a woman more excited as it is a step to build the mood and turn her on. Women often crave for bigger and better orgasms during foreplay. This is a fantasy which women always tend to develop every time while indulging in foreplay.

There are few ways in which a woman can enjoy orgasm in a better way. If you crave for longer orgasms, then here are few tricks to enjoy the pleasure to the fullest. If you want to make your woman happy in bed, then try these ways to make her enjoy foreplay and have an orgasm of a lifetime!

Ways to enjoy better orgasm:

Ways To Enjoy Better n Longer Orgasm

Take It Slow: This is a simple way to enjoy orgasm all the time. All you need to do is go slow. It will help you enjoy the climax more effectively. Take it slow so that you enjoy the feeling.

Break It: When you are enjoying orgasm, you can take it slow or prefer small breaks. For a long lasting orgasm, you need to take small breaks like men do to last longer in bed. This will keep you in the pace and help you last longer. When you know you are about to reach orgasm, stop it and take a few seconds break. Start again and feel the pleasure.

Hold It Longer: It is another trick for enjoying better and longer orgasm. You can hold your orgasm by diverting your mind into something else. You can think about anything that can divert your mind for a few seconds. This will change your mood and you will be ready to commence back. It is a nice way of having better and longer orgasm.

Think and Think: If you are new and want to reach a better orgasm, think wild when the man is down there. This will help you to get excited and enjoy the pleasure of orgasm. The wilder you think, the better orgasm you will reach. So, it is better to fantasise more and enjoy the orgasm.

These are few ways for women to enjoy better and longer orgasm.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 7, 2013, 17:40 [IST]
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