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Attraction between a man and woman is a natural instinct. Seducing is trying to attract and it plays a very important role in making love. Seduction plays the role of rekindling the lost romance in a marriage. Love making is an art and seduction adds the zing and the passion that comes into love making. Attraction still remains a mystery but lets try to unravel a few ways how one can attract a partner and enjoy the pleasures of love.


Attraction between a man and woman is a natural instinct. Seduction is an ancient art. Earlier women used to beautify themselves to attract men for marriage. Marriage is the starting of a new life and the love that follows is deep as the ocean. Two people fall in love and get married. The people in love try to attract each other in various ways before marriage. They try their best to attract the other. The attraction works its magic and they get married. The mystic attraction burns for a while and then gets dims. The lovers get involved in the daily chores of the monotonous life and forget their love life. What had started as a seduction fizzles out after marriage.

Marriage is not the ending of the love life. It is the beginning. Both the partners should take extreme care and to maintain the sparkle of love. Seduction works its miracles and helps keep the spark alive. There are many ways to seduce and attract your partner. Some ways which we discuss here are simple and effective.

For women:

Attractiveness appeals to all. Seduction is needed specially in a marriage to attract your partner and enjoy the magic of love. Extra care should be taken to lure your partner and make love and enjoy it.

  • Fresh smelling perfumed hair is an easy turn on. So wash your hair before going to bed and perfume it. The soft wavy curls will bewitch your husband and work the magic.
  • An attractive face and the mesmerizing eyes can seduce and attract the partner easily so take time make yourself beautiful. Wear minimal makeup but emphasize your eyes with deep kohl that makes your eyes look magical and mystical. Brush a slight shimmer and blush on your cheeks and apply an attractive colour to your lips. Apply a fruity gloss to accentuate your lips more and make it look full and tempting.
  • The long slender neck is a special erotic spot. Sprinkle a very nice seductive perfume on the neck just where you can feel your pulse beat. Smell is a very important factor in the art of seduction and a nice sexy smell can tempt your husband.
  • Choose a lingerie that's sexy and tempting. Lacy lingerie will make you look hot and alluring. A sexy negligee thrown on top of the lingerie with its soft folds falling around you will be a tempting sight that your husband can't resist.
  • Paint your nails to make them look seductive. A bright nail colour always attracts. In olden days women took great time in painting their nails and hands to make them look sexy. Delicate mehandi designs is a great way to make your hand look attractive. Spray a little perfume at the wrist.
  • The legs peeping from below the dress should be attractive and soft. Apply cream to your leg and paint your nails a bright colour.
  • Create the right ambience for the magic of seduction. Light perfumed candles and spread a satin bedcover to play the perfect host to seduce your husband. Soft dimmed lights, the musky smell of the candles will create the sparkle and the rest will carry on automatically once the ambience is right.

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