Things Men Demand During Sex

While having sex, you do not think twice. You just go with the flow and try your best to enjoy the moment. Throughout the session, you will try hard to excite your partner and make wild love.

Doing something creative or extra just to excite your partner is not wrong. However, a partner has a set of demands that you need to fulfill. Men generally do their best to provide sexual pleasure to their women while having sex. But, a majority of women are shy and don't like to dominate the session. This is where the demands of a man gets curbed. He adjusts with the woman and forgets about what he wants just to make her feel comfortable in bed.

The woman needs to think and try her best to make her man happy in bed just like he does. The woman needs to get over her shyness and try to impress her man in bed by fulfilling his needs. If she involves in the same way then the couple can enjoy sex to the fullest. It also makes the woman and man feel comfortable.

What do men want? The only answer that comes to mind is, Sex. The real answer is more than sex. Men also have fantasies and wish to have them fulfilled. If you want to know the demands of a man, then here is a brief about it. These are the top 6 things that men demand during sex.

6 things men demand from their women during sex:


Every man wants his woman to indulge in a bj. It is not just exciting but the only thing in oral sex that makes a man crazy. It might be shocking to know that men die more for a bj than sex.

A strip tease

This is one of the wildest fantasies of a man. Inspired from movies or not, a man always demands to see his woman strip in front of him.

Equal involvement

All men demand equal or more involvement of their partners. One sided effort is too tiring! Equally involve in sex with him to meet this demand.


It might be dirty but men love to have anal sex. Women on the other side feel shy or think about personal hygiene.

Unexpected Sex

Not only women but men also love surprises. Having sex or making out in unexpected situations can make your man happy and fulfill his demand too!

Woman on top

Women think twice before becoming a cowgirl. But, men often demand their women to dominate the sex position by going on the top.


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Story first published: Monday, October 29, 2012, 16:25 [IST]
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