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Why Is 'The Desire' Dwindling?
There is a remarkable decrease among men having no desire to have sex with their partners. The number has gone down by 40 per cent as compared with men ten years ago. The rise in Internet pornography stress and anxiety are ...
Men Libido Dwindling
Extended Massive Orgasm
Prolong The Pleasure Of Big ‘O’
There are only a number of couples who have the luck to experience the waves of orgasm in their sensual lives. While many wish to prolog the extended massive orgasm (EMO), they fail at some point or other. An EMO can ...
First Lovemaking
Get ready to win your wife in the first night
First night! The most waited moment after your eventful bachelor life. As soon as you enter your bedroom and see your bride in a coy state, a panic may strike you. How will you start your lovemaking? It would be difficult ...

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