How To Look Good Naked Before Lovemaking

Look Good Naked
Lovemaking brings two people together not only physically but also emotionally. This enhances the bonding between two individuals and makes love grow stronger.

When the room is all spiced up and romantic, both men and women feel shy to get naked for the first time. It is a feeling of self-consciousness that plays an important role to be focused in the art of lovemaking.

Here are a few tips for you to be more confident in the bedroom when you are naked. Simultaneously, these tips also helps you on how to look good naked.

1.Have a good work out for at least an hour before you make love. This will help to make your muscles bulge making you look good before you get naked in front of her. The endorphin rush from the work out will help boost your confidence.

2.Do not over eat before you make love. It is better to have a lean meal before intercourse. To look good naked, do not indulge in food that causes water retention as it will give you a bad midsection in a couple of hours after your intake.

3.It is important to remove the unwanted hair. Women usually do not like men who look like King Kong, so it is safe if men get rid of hair that looks inappropriate and scruffy. Do not make the mistake of making yourself bald as this will freak them out too. Trimming the hair is a wise decision.

4.It is very important to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water a few hours before you begin love making is good as it will help to make your body look good too. It is said to make your skin dry free and smooth with a glow that will make her weak in the knees.

5.A good posture is indeed a turn on. Maintain a straight posture to impress your woman, this will make your body look good when you stand in front of her. It takes away the look of laziness.

6.A good cologne is really essential. If you sport a good fragrant, she will be head over heals in no time. This will also leave a good impression of you in her head making her think of you as an attractive and a great lover.

7.A romantic room always creates a perfect night. The lighting of the room is important for when your partner looks at you, her jaws should drop in ecstasy. Go in for a romantic setting, where the lights are dim. A candle lit room is perfect as it will help hide the flab and the extra wrinkles on your body.

8.Never make a mistake of wearing tight clothes. Tight clothes will create marks on your body that will not look good when you get naked in front of him or her.

Keeping these basic and easy tips in mind, you sure will make your partner not take his/her eyes off you for the night. These tips will make your body look very appealing when you get naked.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 29, 2010, 14:06 [IST]

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