Seduction as a part of Kamasutra - Part II

An eye contact can at times be enough to seduce your partner. So the eye contact must be so seducing that the eyes can reflect the sexual desire in your partners mind. Eyes are very reflective and can really express the naughty ideas and desires for the sex and the person involved with you can really become a prey to your call. Beckoning the partner is really a great task, which can be easily done if you want it in your own way.


Another person's touch is the most soothing form of contact that your body will even encounter... even when it makes you nervous or uncomfortable, you love the feel of a woman's touch. This is commonly referred to as "kino".

This works both ways... a woman loves a man's touch (if done properly), and YOU can learn how to use touching to your advantage. Our minds are naturally programmed to respond to human touch in a positive way, which makes it a huge influence on who we are attracted to... even more so than what we see, hear, or smell. That means that by simply touching a woman correctly you can makes her more attracted to you than you could ever do with your looks, your words, and your cologne... combined!


Do you have the problem of being shy around large groups of people, like when you go to a party or club? I had this same problem a while ago, I solved it by learning to "zone" in on particular people... like once I noticed a boy I liked, I would pretend that nobody else was around and then go up and talk to him, or if a boy came up to me I would immediately focus all of my attention on him and never look around at anyone else, this also helps you maintain good eye contact. If you feel much more comfortable around group of people when you have a few of your close friends around you, but still have trouble with the initial starting up of conversations with girls, you can try this easy trick ; simply "pretend" that you've known the girl for a long time, as if you are already friends... that helps take the edge off of "talking to someone new" and can work wonders, give it a shot.


Thus a simple gesture or a conversation has been found to work wonders in both male and female and they are been found to be attracted to each other and thus these methods are seen to be a good process in developing the seduction procedure for both the partners.

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Story first published: Monday, May 8, 2006, 17:07 [IST]

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