-Hit Women Turn To Brothel

Hit Australia is facing more women turning to strip joints and brothels to make a living. However, the people hiring such women have confessed that such an application come with more guilt and 'can do your head in', as reported by The Courier Mail.

Such a job description involves making money anywhere from 1500 dollars to 8000 dollars a week. Rachel Love from the Gold Coast's Pentagon Grand brothel said she had never seen such an influx.

The B Confidential gentlemen's bar in Brisbane, is flooded with about 10 to 15 applications per week by women ready to perform lap dances, pole dancing, stage and private shows. The job is just not about dancing or taking your clothes off, says Lisa the owner-manager.

"Our VIP room is interesting because very rarely do the girls even get their top off. The guys go in there and play Twister, they play the Wii game and PlayStation. Our most popular game is Singstar," she said.

"Our industry is not easy on the person. It can do your head in," Lisa added. The work also inolves listening to men who are depressed, lonely or lost their jobs.

Story first published: Thursday, March 5, 2009, 12:04 [IST]

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