Rotting Eggs, A Big Turn-On

Rotting Eggs
A new study has suggested that the smell of rotten eggs is a huge turn on for the men. Though rotten eggs are a big no-no in the kitchen, however, they are excellent to make a man randy.

The new findings could be used in the treatment of impotency, as the rotting eggs release certain chemicals that arouse the men. Men release Hydrogen Sulphide when aroused, just before lovemaking. This is the same vapor that is released from rotting eggs and exhausts of cars with catalytic converters.

The researchers believe that the discovery could be used to create a new rival to Viagra. "We found that hydrogen sulphide is involved in human penile erection," The Telegraph quoted Professor Giuseppe Cirino of the University of Naples Federico II, as telling The Independent.

"The hydrogen sulphide pathway represents a new therapeutic target for erectile dysfunction and it should be possible in future to deliver drugs that either deliver hydrogen sulphide or that control the hydrogen sulphide production," the expert added.


Story first published: Friday, March 6, 2009, 12:45 [IST]

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