Rent-Free Homes To Lure Women

Rent-Free Homes
A series of illicit advertisements have been making rounds taking advantage of Sydney's rental crisis. Reportedly some men are placing advertisement offering rent-free rooms to women in exchange of intercourse.

Targeted to victimize women badly in search of a place to live in, such ads have become common on 'share house rental' websites. Though various website users have already issued complaints for such ads, they however do not do not breach policy guidelines for sites such as flatmates.com.au.

According to flatmates.com.au, a ban on such ads would only make them go underground, making the condition all the more dangerous for the women. One such advertisement was placed by a Auburn man who called himself, 'Atiq' . He is offering free rental for a woman to 'share a room' with him. He went on to state in the Sunday Telegraph that he was on a look out for a relationship with a woman in a clean 'one-bedroom' unit.

"Yes, I am alone and the rent would be free. I am looking for a girl to share my room and, yes, in the same bed," News.com.au quoted him, as saying. AGENCIES

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 18, 2009, 10:48 [IST]

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