Life-Sized Plastic Mannequins

Naked plastic mannequins
What do you like Berlin for? Well, for sure, a lot of things. But, of late, the place has been drawing a lot of tourists, leaving them gasping for more, with eyes wide open and open mouthed for a different reason altogether.

Don't worry. It's not one of those U.F.O. stories that's making rounds, but some thing else - the life-sized naked plastic mannequins in various positions. This is precisely the reason why the Amora sex academy in Berlin is a hit with visitors looking for some titillation.

More than 50 interactive displays at the academy guide visitors through the intimate areas of the male and female bodies, offering helpful tips on just about everything. "A lot of couples come in here together to learn something," News.com.au quoted Amora Berlin spokesperson, Uta Barkow, as saying. She adds: "It's been very well received so far. A lot of exhibits have that 'aha' effect on a lot of people."

The place also serves as a nice place for people who don't mind to get into some experiment business. These naked mannequins give free access to the visitors to play with their erogenous zones.

Another attraction at Amora is the 'Spank-o-meter' that visitors can use to measure the level of pleasure a mannequin receives when spanked with a leather whip. The only problem that seems to worry the people concern is with the introvert nature of men. "So far we've had just as many women in here as men. Women coming in tend to have fewer inhibitions while the men tend to be a bit more embarrassed ," said Barkow.

The museum features life-sized plastic models, naked and in various positions.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 4, 2009, 17:25 [IST]

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