Why Men Don't Like To Wear Condoms?

The question is finally been asked: why men don't like to wear condoms during sex.? And it's the The National Institutes of Health who is doling a 4,23,500 dollars on the same. Ahem! That's right; that's the kind of money we are talking about, ladies and gentleman.

But then, the inevitable happens. The government watchdogs seem to have taken aback when they heard about the funding. It's believed that the finding hasn't gone down too well with government watchdogs, which say that the study is a nearly-half-a-million-dollar waste of taxpayer money.

The study has been aimed at why 'young, heterosexual adult men' have problems using condoms - an issue that has existed for long. The research also includes 'skill-based intervention' to teach grown men how to use protection. The research will be the work of Kinsey Institute, which is affiliated to Indiana University. The institute exists to promote interdisciplinary research and scholarship in the fields of human sexuality, gender, and reproduction.

Of the total two phases of study involved, which will be done over the period of two years, one phase will be termed as 'Barriers to Correct Condom Use', which is believed to be a Q & A round. When asked on what the second round of research will look like, Fox News quoted, Dr. Erick Janssen and Stephanie Sanders, from the Kinsey Institute, as saying, “The second phase involves a laboratory study, and focuses on penile erection and sensitivity during condom application". Is that all? “The project also aims to to understand the relationship between condom application and loss of erections and decreased sensation, including the role of condom skills and performance anxiety". They conclude by saying “The research aims to find new ways to improve condom use among those who experience such problems,"

But what about the issue that the Government watchdogs have raised. Is the committee really using the money of the tax payers? "This government is so out of whack with what the priorities are that this actually makes sense that we'd be wasting money on a condom study rather than the real problems facing the country," said David Williams, vice president for policy at Citizens Against Government Waste, which tracks wasteful spending in the federal budget.

In spite of all the hue and cry, the people involved in the research believe that the project performs a vital public health service, and could help develop prevention and intervention programs to stop the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. "Our study addresses important public health concerns in the U.S." says Jansen, one of the lead researchers. He corroborates: “It's the first study to test claims about arousal and sensation loss in a controlled scientific environment, while exploring factors that may be addressed in prevention and intervention programs."

So far as the study is involved, it would be conducted among 500 men aged 18-24. But during the laboratory phase, he says, only 129 subject will be involved when when scientists will conduct neurological exams and 'test an instructional method on the correct and consistent use of condoms.'


Story first published: Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 14:11 [IST]

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