Taoist Sex - Experience life as a harmonious flow ...Contd

  • Repeat the whole massaging process on your partner by sitting behind your lover with your breast and belling touching the others back. Touch the same place for the same number of breaths. After the massage rest for a while and change positions. Now guide your partner to do the same therapy from the beginning. Time to rest after a heavy work. Rest beside each other with your sides touching each other.
  • Specific practices in this tantra includes man withholding ejaculation for more erotic and spiritual experiences. Begin massaging each others breasts and genitals in rhythmic harmony. Do not get down to each others desires immediately. When approaching the peak, slow down before you get entangled in the sexual intercourse. If it seems out of control then let the emotions explode into sweet ecstatic. After the sweet expression rest together for a while start again from the beginning.
  • The sexual intercourse in Taoist sexual practice is about making the partner anticipate for the action so that he loves the touch and feel for it for long. So while making love respect each other body and feeling so that the partner feels blessed to have a relation with you.
  • The farewell of the lovemaking in taoist philosophy is very unique. Human sex is considered sacred in the union of Yang, the force of Heaven, with Yin, the power of Earth. The philosophy asks the partner to end the sexual experience with grace, care and honour before the reunion again. To bid farewell sit facing each other with your knees touching. Place your right hand palm up on his left knee for him to cover with his left hand, palm down. Ask him to do the same. Feel the touch for few seconds and let it fade away. With a gentle smile on your face let go the physical connection and sit a distance apart with your eyes closed. When relaxed and out of the erotic swing open your eyes and thank each other for what you have shared.

Taoist sex is a beautiful expression of love that talks about uniting two bodies to experience each other's love and affection and even to respect each other's emotions and body for the unique lovemaking that last for lone. Experience it and see the changes in your love life.

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