Sex Tips From Men For Women

We often surf sex tips to perform better in bed. There are many tips that can help you overcome the different sex problems. However, we also want to perform better and take tips from our partner. Sometimes, it might be difficult to to give some sex tips to your partner (especially women). So, here are few sex tips for women given by men.

These sex tips are from men which women can sue to perform better in bed. The tips are simple and can be easily adapted by women to help enjoy pleasure together. From foreplay to the hard core sex, use these tips for better sex life.

Sex tips from men for women:

Sex Tips From Men For Women

Keep It Clean: It is one of the sex tips which is all about genital hygiene and cleanliness. Trim or wax or shave, do whatever possible to keep it clean. This will help the man go down there and give you a mind blowing orgasm. Moreover, being clean down also throws a good impression.

BJ is cool!: For men, bj is a real turn on. Men want women to get over the shyness and give a nice bj. If you are not comfortable, you can sue some chocolate sauce or fruity syrup to make it taste and smell good.

Nylon Or Silk: Men love those silky and soft fabrics which flow on the body and shapes the figure well. Women can take this sex tip from men to appear sexy in the bedroom.

Strip: Men are crazy lovers of striptease. Bring some spice inside the bedroom by striping a little. Play some sexy track in the background to bring the mood. It is such a turn on for men that they will come running for you leaving their work behind!

Hand Trick: Use your hand to play the trick and hint your man. Men do not know what makes you excited. So you can use your hand to stimulate yourself and bring some fun.

These are the sex tips from men that women must try to have better sexual lives!

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Story first published: Monday, August 12, 2013, 18:53 [IST]
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