Sex Lessons From Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades Of Grey has got women to come out of the closet and talk about sex openly. This simple piece of fiction has got women wildly turned on throughout the world. Women love to submit to men who know pretty well what they are doing on bed. The missionary style sex position is always loved by women, but the thought of experimenting is way more arousing.

It is this attribute of experimenting with his woman that makes Christian Grey utterly irresistible for women. This piece of erotic literature has brought the most dormant sexual fantasies of women to the forefront. All women have a bit of masochist characteristics in them. They want to be controlled by their men especially on the bed. This is also true in the case of men. Regular sex becomes boring after an extent. They want the spice each and every time.

Whether every man can afford to have a helicopter or be a billionaire like Christian Grey or not, they would love to be like him on bed. And the woman will only find it totally irresistible. If you want to have sex life like Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele then read ahead. Here are a few sex lessons which you can learn from Fifty Shades Of Grey:

Tying Up

The fantasy of submission and domination is present in both men and women. Tying her up during foreplay is extremely arousing. So, if you do not have a handcuff like Christian Grey, then just tie up your girl with your tie to the bed and get wild with her naked body.


The thrill of the unknown can drive you crazy. Blindfolding your partner will spur up her imagination. Keep some surprises ready for her like a feather tickler, ice cube or vibrator. You can think of many more options if you want it more wild.

Feel The Chill

Our skin is extremely sensitive to any stimulant. Therefore rubbing an ice cube over the bare skin of your partner will send out the chills down her spine. Rubbing ice cubes all over the body creates a sexual jolt and an unusual sensation sometimes leading to great orgasms. Women can also put ice cubes in their mouth before performing oral sex to heat up things.

Get Wild In The Car

No, we are not asking you to engage in risky road behaviour. Drive safely, park your car in a corner and then focus on each other. Even if you do not have a sexy and expensive SUV like Christian Grey, you can have some wild moments in your car. Try out some mind blowing oral sex in the car followed by the sitting sex position.

Be Naughty

Christian Grey was right about the spanking part. A little bit of spanking can actually enhance your orgasm. Incorporating light spanking in foreplay will increase the fun of intercourse. So, next time be naughty and spank your girl lightly at her butt.

Sex In The Shower

The shower sex of Ana and Christian although sounds extremely arousing, it is not possible to act it out in reality. Approach her from behind and rub the soap on her body. Kiss each other passionately as the water trickles down on your body.

Not On The Bed

One of the most arousing scene in the book is when Christian takes Ana on his office desk. The idea of having sex on the desk can be really stimulating. So if you are alone in the house, make your move and get your girl on the table. Pull her towards yourself through a passionate kiss and then make wild love on the table.


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